Are You Playing the Fitness vs Genetic Lottery?

by Callum Allan on May 22, 2023

Are You Playing the Fitness vs Genetic Lottery?


Working hard towards a dream body or living an active lifestyle can be daunting, especially when we compare ourselves to others. Some people make fitness look effortless, while others may struggle for years to achieve their desired body. The fact is, we all have different genetic makeups that determine our physical abilities and body types. So, are we really playing a fitness vs genetic lottery? 


1. The Role of Genetics 

Genetics plays a significant role in determining our physical abilities, which includes the type of muscle fibres in our body, the speed and endurance we possess, and our body shape. While some individuals are naturally gifted in terms of physical abilities, others may have a harder time achieving the same results. The easiest way to determine one’s genetic potential for physical activity is to look at their parents. Genetics can determine if our muscle fibers are more suited for strength training or endurance workout. It can also affect our body’s metabolism, bone density, and flexibility. 


2. Working With Your Genetics

While we cannot change the genetic lottery that we are born into, there are some ways to work with our genetic potential to get the best possible results. For example, if your body type is more suited for endurance than strength training, then prioritizing endurance workouts will have a more significant impact on your physical health. Similarly, if you inherited slow-twitch muscle fibres, then working on strength will be more effective for your body. By understanding our bodies’ makeup, we can create personalized workout programs that cater to our genetic potential, which will give us the best possible outcomes. 


3. Nutrition and Protein Intake

Genetics also play a significant role in how our bodies distribute energy and metabolize food. Some individuals may have a faster metabolism, while others may find it harder to lose or gain weight. Understanding how our bodies react to different foods will help us create a healthy and personalized meal plan that matches our genetic makeup. For example, an individual with a fast metabolism may need a high-calorie diet that includes higher amounts of carbohydrates, while an individual with slow metabolism may need to focus on portion control and a low-fat diet. Additionally, incorporating protein into your diet is crucial for building muscle mass, and understanding how much protein your body needs to repair muscles after a workout is essential.


4. Overcoming Genetic Limitations

While genetics may play a significant role in our physical abilities, it does not mean that we cannot overcome limitations with hard work and dedication. Some of the most famous athletes in the world, including Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, have overcome their genetic limitations through hard work and dedication. Michael Jordan was initially cut from his high school basketball team and was considered too small to make it to the NBA, yet he went on to become one of the greatest basketball players of all time. The point here is that while genetics and physical ability play a role in success, hard work, dedication, and the right mindset can help us overcome our genetic limitations.



In conclusion, genetics plays a significant role in determining our physical abilities and body types. However, this does not mean that we should feel defeated or hindered by our natural abilities. By working with our genetic potential, creating personalized workouts, understanding nutrition and protein intake, and having the right mindset, we can achieve our fitness goals, regardless of the genetic lottery we are born into. Remember, it's not just about the destination. It's also about the journey and the hard work that goes into it.