Low Alcohol Drinks: A Better Way to Stay Healthy While Enjoying a Night Out

by Callum Allan on May 19, 2023

Low Alcohol Drinks: A Better Way to Stay Healthy While Enjoying a Night Out


It's no secret that alcohol is a popular social lubricant. Whether it's a friend's birthday or a celebratory event, alcohol is often the go-to beverage for many people. However, this celebratory mindset can often lead to overindulgence and even catastrophic consequences for your health and wellness.


Thankfully, the latest trend in the drinking scene is low-alcohol drinks, which provide a healthier alternative to traditional cocktails. With less alcohol content, these drinks offer a way to enjoy a night out without compromising your health and wellness efforts.


In this blog post, we'll explore the world of low-alcohol drinks, why they are becoming increasingly popular among gymgoers and yoga enthusiasts, and how they can enhance your active lifestyle.


1. Less Alcohol, More Flavor


Low-alcohol drinks aren't just a watered-down version of traditional cocktails. Instead, these drinks use a variety of flavours, spices, herbs, and other non-alcoholic ingredients to create tasty and refreshing drinks with lower alcohol content. For instance, a classic gin and tonic can be transformed into a low-alcohol beverage with the addition of fresh lime juice and soda water.


2. Perfect for the Health Conscious


Many people choose to avoid alcohol entirely to achieve their health and fitness goals. However, low-alcohol drinks offer a middle ground that allows you to have a drink without missing out on the social aspect of going out. Plus, you'll be avoiding the high sugar content of many cocktail mixers, which can be detrimental to your nutrition goals.


3. The Rise of Mocktails


Mocktails have always been popular, particularly for those who don't drink. However, it turns out that the non-alcoholic cocktail scene is becoming a trend in its own right. Bars and restaurants across the country are offering innovative and delicious mocktails to cater to the increasing demand. The creativity and flavours of these drinks might be surprising to those who've never explored alcohol-free options.


4. A Good Balance Between Fun and Responsibility


Drinking in moderation is critical to maintain good health and wellness. However, meeting up with friends and having a few drinks is still part of a balanced social life. With low-alcohol drink options available, everyone can enjoy a tasty and refreshing beverage without worrying too much about the hangover the next day.


5. Variety is the Spice of Life


One of the best things about low-alcohol drinks is the variety of options available. From a classic margarita, mixed with a lower alcohol content tequila, to a spritzer blended with sparkling water, the options are endless. You can be adventurous and try new drinks or stick with familiar classics with a low-alcohol spin.



Staying healthy doesn't have to mean giving up the occasional night out with friends. Low-alcohol drinks provide a healthier alternative to traditional cocktails while still allowing you to enjoy the social aspect of drinking. With flavorful options available, and the increasing trend towards mocktails, you can try a new drink and toast to your health. Plus, with variety being the spice of life, it's never been easier to explore low-alcohol drinks and find your next favourite beverage. So, the next time you hit up a bar or restaurant, keep an eye out for their low-alcohol drink options and raise a glass to a good time.