Purple Tomatoes: The Superfood of the Future

by Callum Allan on Apr 20, 2023

Purple Tomatoes: The Superfood of the Future


Purple Tomatoes are taking the nutrition world by storm, all thanks to the USDA approval of a new genetically engineered tomato in September 2022. These tomatoes are more than just aesthetically pleasing, but they have a high anthocyanin content, an antioxidant that can offer countless health benefits. As gym goers, yoga enthusiasts, and those following an active lifestyle, adding purple tomatoes to your diet may be the perfect way to enhance your nutrition and improve your overall health.


Here are five significant reasons why you need to add purple tomatoes to your diet:


1. High in Antioxidants

Purple Tomatoes are rich in anthocyanins, which have antioxidant properties that support heart health, reduce inflammation, and help in protecting against various diseases. With a higher antioxidant level than traditional tomatoes, purple tomatoes can bring a wealth of benefits to those who consume them regularly.


2. Boosts Immunity

For health optimizers, a strong immune system is a must. With their high antioxidants, purple tomatoes have become known for their ability to boost immunity. The antioxidants can ward off infections and viruses by protecting your body's cell level.


3. Anti-Cancer Properties 

Purple tomatoes contain phytochemicals that can reduce the risk of cancer. These phytochemicals can neutralize the free radicals responsible for causing cancer, thus protecting your body against various types of cancer. Regular consumption of purple tomatoes is a great way to keep cancer at bay.


4. Aids weight loss

Maintaining a healthy weight is an essential part of an active lifestyle, and purple tomatoes can help with that. According to research, purple tomatoes have compounds that help to stabilize blood sugar levels, and this can lead to a decrease in insulin levels, which has been associated with weight loss.


5. Good for Skin 

Last but not least, purple tomatoes are good for your skin health. The anthocyanins in purple tomatoes not only protect your skin from UV damage but also increase collagen production, which can help in reducing skin ageing.



In conclusion, purple tomatoes are a game-changer in nutrition. With their ability to boost immunity, protect against cancer, aid weight loss, and support heart health, they are a must-have in any active lifestyle. Incorporating purple tomatoes into your daily meals is a simple way to add a rich antioxidant source to your diet. So, whether you are a fitness enthusiast, someone looking to improve your overall health, or just someone who loves tomatoes, get your hands on some purple tomatoes and reap their endless benefits.