The Benefits of Strength Training

by Callum Allan on Nov 10, 2022

The Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training is a type of exercise that uses resistance to force the muscles to work harder than they are used to. This can be done with free weights, weight machines, or even just your body weight. While it may seem like something that is only for bodybuilders or athletes, the truth is that strength training can have many benefits for people of all shapes and sizes.


1. Helps to Prevent Injuries

One of the most common injuries that people suffer from is Osteoporosis, which is a condition where the bones become weak. Strength training helps to increase bone density, which can help to prevent this condition. It can also help to prevent other injuries such as sprains and strains. 


2. Improves Joint Health

Another benefit of strength training is that it can help to improve the health of your joints. By working the muscles around the joints, you can increase their range of motion and flexibility. This can help to reduce the pain that is associated with conditions such as arthritis. 


3. Increases Muscle Mass

As you age, your muscle mass decreases. This can lead to several problems such as decreased mobility and balance issues. Strength training can help to offset this by increasing muscle mass. This will not only make you stronger but can also help you to avoid injuries in the future. 


4. Boosts Metabolism

When you have more muscle mass, you also have an increased metabolism. This means that your body will be better able to burn calories, even when you are at rest. As a result, strength training can help you to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. 


5. Improves Mental Health

Strength training can also have a positive impact on your mental health. Exercise in general has been shown to improve mood and reduce stress levels. However, strength training has specifically been linked with increased feelings of confidence and self-esteem. 



As you can see, many benefits come with strength training. If you have never tried it before, then it may be time to give it a go! You don’t have to lift heavy weights to reap the benefits; even light weights or bodyweight exercises can be effective. So what are you waiting for? Give strength training a try today!