Top Fitness Podcasts to Get You Motivated

by Callum Allan on Dec 13, 2022

Top Fitness Podcasts to Get You Motivated

In an age of technology and social media, podcasts have become one of the best ways to stay motivated, informed, and inspired while you’re working out. Whether you’re looking for a new workout routine or just want to learn more about fitness, there are plenty of great podcasts out there that can help you get your blood pumping. Here are some of the top fitness podcasts that you should check out. 


The Art of Manliness – Strength & Fitness Podcast 

This podcast is hosted by Brett McKay and Kate McKay and focuses on helping men (and women) reach their physical peaks. From beginner exercises all the way up to professional bodybuilding tips, this is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in getting fit. Plus, they share tips for staying motivated and avoiding injury. 


Fitness Confidential with Vinnie Tortorich 

Vinnie Tortorich has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and he dishes out plenty of advice on his podcast. He combines information about nutrition, exercise routines, and useful tips for staying healthy with humorous stories from his own life as an athlete. It’s a great source of motivation as well as information that will help you get into shape in no time. 


Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll is an ultra-endurance athlete who is passionate about helping people find their inner strength through fitness. His podcast covers topics ranging from plant-based diets to mental health and wellness advice. He also interviews top athletes from around the world who share their own stories about how they overcame personal obstacles to reach success in their respective sports.                               


Yoga Talk Show 

This podcast focuses specifically on yoga practice and philosophy as well as its benefits for physical health, mental well-being, and overall happiness. Hosts Brooke Thomas and Ben Sears explore various aspects of yoga such as breathing techniques and postures while also discussing topics such as veganism and holistic healing practices like Reiki energy work. 



No matter what type of fitness goals you have set for yourself, there’s sure to be a podcast out there that fits your needs perfectly! From bodybuilding advice to yoga practice tips, these top fitness podcasts will help keep you motivated while providing valuable insight into achieving your goals. So plug in your headphones or pop open your favourite streaming app; it’s time to get moving!