Get Your 10,000 Steps In Everyday!

by Callum Allan on Dec 08, 2022

Get Your 10,000 Steps In Everyday!

10,000 steps a day is the recommended amount of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. However, it can be difficult to reach that goal when you’re busy with work and family commitments. Here are some easy ways to make sure you hit your daily step count without dedicating too much time or energy.  

Go For A Walk During Lunchtime 

If your job involves sitting at a desk all day, the best way to get in some extra steps is to take a break for lunch and walk around the neighbourhood. Not only will this help you meet your step goal, but it’ll also give you an opportunity to clear your head and refocus on work when you come back. Plus, you’ll get some fresh air and natural sunlight—both of which can have positive impacts on your mental health and productivity levels. 


Take The Stairs Instead Of The Elevator 

It may seem like a small thing, but taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible can really add up over time. Just one flight of stairs can equal 30-50 steps depending on how many floors there are! So if you normally take the elevator every day at work or home, make an effort to switch things up and take the stairs instead. You won’t even notice how much more active you are until you look back at the end of the week or month and realize how much closer you are to your 10k step goals! 


Do Yoga Or An At-Home Workout Routine 

Yoga is a great way to stay active without putting too much strain on your joints or muscles. There are plenty of online classes that don’t require special equipment or gym memberships so anyone can do them from home. If yoga isn’t your thing, there are tons of other workout routines available online as well (many of which can be done in just 15 minutes). Even if it’s just once or twice a week, these types of activities will help contribute towards hitting those 10k steps each day! 



Getting in 10k steps per day doesn't have to be hard or time-consuming—it's all about making small changes throughout your day that add up over time. Whether it's taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going for a quick walk during lunchtime, these little habits will help move you closer towards achieving your fitness goals while still having enough energy left over for everything else life throws at you! Start small today and soon enough reaching 10k steps each day will become second nature. Good luck!