Top 10 Podcasts for Business Owners

by Callum Allan on Oct 21, 2022

Top 10 Podcasts for Business Owners

Starting a business is hard enough, but finding the right advice and inspiration can be even tougher. That's where podcasts come in! No matter what industry you're in, there's a podcast out there that can help you get ahead. Here are 10 of the best podcasts for business owners that you should be listening to this year.


1. How I Built This with Guy Raz

If you're looking for stories of entrepreneurship and grit, look no further than Guy Raz's How I Built This podcast. In each episode, Raz interviews some of the world's most successful business owners and reveals the secrets to their success. Whether you're just starting out or you've been in business for years, you're sure to find plenty of useful insights in How I Built This.


2. The $100 MBA Show with Omar Zenhom

Omar Zenhom knows a thing or two about starting a business on a shoestring budget—and he's not afraid to share his knowledge! On The $100 MBA Show, Zenhom interviews business experts and entrepreneurs to extract actionable tips that any business owner can use, regardless of their budget. If you're looking for practical advice on starting and growing a business, this is the podcast for you.


3. The Tim Ferriss Show with Tim Ferriss

On The Tim Ferriss Show, self-help guru Tim Ferriss shares his insights on everything from productivity hacks to building a successful business. But Ferriss doesn't just interview entrepreneurs—he also speaks with athletes, artists, and other high achievers to get their takes on what it takes to reach the top. If you're looking for an inspiring podcast that will leave you motivated to reach your goals, look no further than The Tim Ferriss Show.


4. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders with Patrick Wyman

entrepreneurial Thought Leaders is a bit different from other business podcasts out there—instead of interviews, each episode features lectures from some of the world's leading entrepreneurs and thought leaders. If you're looking for in-depth analysis and insights from some of the brightest minds in business, this is the podcast for you. 


5. Business Wars with David Bartholomew and Clint Lewis 

Business Wars tells the story of some of history's biggest business rivalries—think Ford vs Ferrari or Nike vs Adidas—in an engaging and informative way. If you're looking for entertainment and education all wrapped up in one package, this is the podcast for you. 


6. The Pitch with Josh Muccio 

The Pitch takes listeners inside the world of startup investing, featuring interviews with startup founders who are trying to raise capital from venture capitalists. If you're interested in startups and want to know more about how VCs operate, this is the podcast for you. 


7.The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish

The knowledge Project features interviews with some of the world's leading thinkers and doers—from athletes to entrepreneurs to academics—on a wide variety of topics related to knowledge and success. If you're looking for stimulating conversation and insightful thoughts on a variety of topics, this is the podcast for you.


8.StartUp Podcast with Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow

StartUp tells the story of how Alex Blumberg started his own podcasting company, Gimlet Media. If you're interested in learning about what it takes to start a media company from scratch, this is the perfect podcast for you."


9. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

On Masters of Scale, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman explores how companies grow from zero to 60 million users...and beyond! If you're interested in growth hacking and scaling strategies, this is the podcast for you."


10. The Economist Asks with Anne McElvoy

Each week on The Economist Asks, journalist Anne McElvoy sits down with someone in the news—from politicians to athletes to artists—to discuss their lives, their work, and what motivates them. If you're looking for thoughtful conversations with some of today's most interesting people, this is the podcast for You.



There are a lot of great podcasts out there For business owners, but these ten are worth a listen. Whether You're Looking for motivation, inspiration, or practical advice, these ten podcasts will help you get ahead. So What are You Waiting for? Start Listening today!