What to Pack in Your Gym Bag

by Callum Allan on Dec 05, 2022

What to Pack in Your Gym Bag

Going to the gym requires more than just determination and willpower; it also requires the right equipment and supplies. Whether you’re a first-time gym goer or a seasoned vet, having the necessary items with you can make your time at the gym much more enjoyable and effective. Here’s your guide to what to bring when you hit the weights. 


Workout Clothes 

This one goes without saying, but it’s essential that you have comfortable workout clothes that allow for full mobility and range of motion. You want something breathable so you don’t overheat, but also something not too baggy that could get caught on machines or weights. Depending on what kind of exercise you plan on doing, there are plenty of specialized options available, such as yoga pants for yoga or heavier-duty shoes for running. 


Protein & Nutrition 

If you want to maximize results while at the gym, then protein and nutrition are key components of success. Protein shakes are great pre-workout snacks that provide energy while strengthening muscles during recovery post-workout. If shakes aren’t your thing, some other healthy snacks include nuts, fruits like bananas or apples, or even energy bars if needed. Just remember to stay away from sugary drinks; they may give an initial boost of energy but will quickly wear off leaving you feeling sluggish after your workout is done. 


Gym Essentials 

Finally, there are some essential items you should always bring with you when going to the gym such as headphones for listening to music and a water bottle for staying hydrated throughout your routine. Additionally, having a towel handy is never a bad idea in case sweat gets in the way of your progress. Finally, don't forget about hand sanitiser! It's always good practice to clean up after using shared equipment at the gym before moving onto another machine in order to prevent spreading germs around. 



When it comes down to it, having all these items ready ahead of time can help make sure nothing gets forgotten and that everything runs smoothly during your next trip to the gym. You worked hard enough getting yourself there - now it's time to focus on achieving those fitness goals! With this guide in hand (or rather in the bag), nothing will stand between you and a successful working-out session! Good luck!